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Classic Overseas Manpower Pvt. Ltd is the pioneer international recruitment agency of Nepal providing bespoke staffing solutions for overseas employers. Classic Overseas Manpower is an international manpower supply and executive recruitment agency with an established track record, a solid blue chip client base, and passion for efficient professional practices. Founded in 2012 with the goal of helping international employers to find and recurit best overseas for their organisations, Classic Overseas Manpower works as their international recuritment partner, providing customised and personalised manpower services to add value to their business.

Message from Director

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Classic Overseas Manpower Pvt. Ltd. guarantees a well-focused and personalized approach in its objective of successfully meeting the client's requirement, employing the highest standards and quality of it's services. Our experienced and competent trained officers and staffs supported by our Consultants reassure our clients as well as the workers of highly dependable and reliable service. They are fully dedicated and show conviction towards their respective work. As a manpower service provider, Classic Overseas Manpower Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the need to continuously enhance it's competitiveness because of the challenges of globalization and liberalization and to be responsive to the demands of the market.

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Message from Marketing Director

classic manpower md

Classic Overseas Manpower Pvt. Ltd.'s business philosophy that has been passed down throughout its eight years history to this day is expressed by the phrase "Benefit for self and others, private and public interests are one and the same," meaning that

Classic Overseas Manpower Pvt. Ltd.'s business must not only benefit Classic Overseas itself, but also bring benefit to the country and society it operates in. By creating value that nobody else can match in ways befitting our distinctive identity under the business philosophy, we will strive to be a corporate group recognized by all stakeholders including customers, business partners. Both in what we do and in how we do it, we pursue continuous transformation—always remixing to higher value in our portfolio and skills, in the capabilities we deliver to our clients and in our own operations and management practices.

This is not the only path to success in our industry, but it is not the easiest one. We influence and inform Government and other relevant organizations to give a voice to employers and employees on vital employment issues.

We recognize our responsibility to provide leadership in issues relevant to our core expertise. We are active in tackling unemployment by reducing barriers to paid work, and in addressing labour market shortages issues.

As we look forward to the remainder of the year with much anticipation and excitement, we want you, customers and our business partners, to join in the experience.

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